2013 année de l’air

L’union européenne a fait de 2013 l’année de l’air. Respire s’investit pour défendre une position française de la société civile. La suite, bientôt sur Repsire.

We wish you and our environment a healthy and happy New Year. As the European Year of Air, 2013 provides an excellent opportunity to make this wish come true.
Air pollution is a major problem in Europe. It is responsible for nearly half a million premature deaths, allergies, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Air pollution also affects Europe’s nature and biodiversity and contributes to climate change.

We therefore ask you to strive for a European strategy for truly healthy air. Standards for harmful pollutants such as fine particles, black carbon, nitrogen dioxide and ground level ozone should reflect the need for the protection of both humans and the environment. We also need measures to solve the root causes of the problem, making sure that all construction machines, vehicles, ships, industries and stoves stop polluting our air.

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